Hear from parents just like you.

For two years leading up to pre-kindergarten, our daughter was fortunate enough to attend Little Me Busy Bee. From the moment she first arrived, she was treated like a member of the family, and the Caponis are not just an ordinary family. They are one of the most nurturing and loving families that we have ever known. It made all the difference in the world to us, knowing that when we had to be at work, our precious daughter was being cared for by such wonderful people. We also loved that she was regularly exposed to creative expression through music, arts and crafts, and the freedom of outdoor play. The warmth and security that is provided by Theresa, her family, and staff is truly one of a kind.

Nicole and Jason Wallace

As a parent, we entrust our greatest blessings to Miss Theresa and her dedicated staff.  We chose to enroll our sons at Little Me, Busy Bee Nursery and Day School for several reasons.

  Miss Theresa is always at the center. She is extremely knowledgeable about child development and individual needs, and makes herself available for questions or guidance at any time. Miss Theresa and her staff provide a loving, nurturing setting that makes us feel a part of her family.

Little Me, Busy Bee Day School provides the children in her care with wonderful songs, craft projects and literature all around a certain theme.  Parents are made aware of the lessons on a monthly basis to carry the learning home. The setting is age appropriate, with beautiful murals, bright colors, and classical music playing in the background.

Finally, Miss Theresa treats all of her "babies" as her own.  Leaving our boys with her allows us peace of mind while we are at work. Knowing they will have the same love and care that we would provide for them is simply priceless.

Kathryn & Kevin Toolan

My son Jack attended Little Me Busy Bee Day School from the time he was 12 weeks old until he was almost 6! Theresa Caponi and staff provided a nurturing, loving and safe environment for him to grow. Everything about the program was child centered and hands on. The children on any given day, were experiencing art, music, letters and sounds and numbers. All this was taught the way a preschool age child should learn…Hands on and very fun! My son experiences Down Syndrome and communicates using American Sign Language and spoken English. He was able to continue learning sign at Day School as lead teacher Theresa Caponi made it part of everyones day. The children were able to work together to solve problems , whether it be putting a puzzle together or deciding who will play with a certain toy first! Because of this solid foundation of love combined with positive character standards, Jack was able to enter into kindergarten with his typically learning peers. I would recommend Little Me Busy Bee to anyone. Your child will feel the support and commitment that the staff provides. They will have so much fun that they won't want to leave in the afternoon! Bravo Busy Bee!

Anacaroilna Schaffauer

Little Me Busy Bee was my son Matthew’s first experience in a school setting at 2 ½ years old. I was a very concerned mother returning to the work force for the first time since Matthew was born. Little did I know that I had nothing to worry about. Matthew did exceptionally well due to the amazing staff, “family” at Little Me Busy Bee. Theresa and her family provide such a warm and nurturing environment. I knew we found the right place when Matthew would ask to go to Titi’s (aka Theresa) on the days he didn’t have school. What more could a working mother ask for??!!

Two years later on the day of graduation I had a hard time controlling my emotions. First, I didn’t want to say goodbye to Theresa and her family. Secondly, I was concerned about Matthew’s transition to preschool. Again, I worried for no reason because the life skills and academics that Matthew learned at Little Me Busy Bee had him more than prepare to move on to his next school than I ever could have imagined. Matthew has strived both academically and socially and we owe it all to his experience with Theresa. Little Me Busy Bee, Theresa and her family will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

Lisa Maher

Our son Jason attended Little Me Busy Bee from the ages of 10 months to four years of age. Each morning Jason and I were greeted with a smile. Although I was a nervous mommy, leaving him in the arms of Theresa (or as Jason calls her, TT), I always knew he was in a safe, loving environment.

TT, and the Little Me Busy Bee Family create an atmosphere of appropriate play, fun, and learning how to be a good friend. It is the perfect starting point for any baby or young child. The honest, sincere and loving disposition of the staff is unparalleled. Jason truly felt as if they were his extended family. The confidence that my son was in such good hands each and every day made going back to work a much more pleasant experience. We have, and continue to recommend Little Me Busy Bee to any and all families with young children!

Kelly and Bryan Bookamer

Little Me Busy Bee has been an answer to our family’s prayers in more than one way. Having found Theresa when my oldest child was just turning one, the transition from our prior daycare center, over to Busy Bee, was a very natural and comfortable one. As a family that is reliant upon having two parents working out of the home, childcare is a necessity. However we consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of the Busy Bee family now for over 5 years. When it came time to leave my second child in Theresa’s care at only 3 months of age, I felt as if I were leaving her with family.

Dropping a child off and leaving them in someone else’s care is a difficult thing to do. I am blessed to have had an environment where I know my children were always safe, cared for, and truly loved as the little individuals they are.

Cheryl Monter

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to send our son, Jack, to Little Me Busy Bee. We were immediately impressed with the beautiful facility and caring teachers. We felt safe knowing our son was happy and loved at his school. Jack created his first friendships there and the enriching curriculum gave Jack a strong foundation to begin Preschool with. My husband and I are very pleased with all Little Me Busy Bee has to offer!

Erin Bielski

You know you have chosen the right daycare/preschool when your child smiles when they enter and cries because they don’t want to leave. I have been fortunate and blessed to be a part of the Little Me Busy Bee family for 5 years and counting. The peace of mind knowing my child is truly loved and well cared for is priceless. The friendships my daughters and I have made with the staff and other parents will last us a lifetime.

Nicole and Vincent Papa

We feel that sending our children to Little Me Busy Bee has had a positive influence on their early childhood development. Our daughter Allyson attended for three years and the skills she learned during those formative years have played an enormous role in her success in kindergarten. Our son Owen, currently attends Little Me Busy Bee. He asks to go seven days a week upon waking up.

Theresa Caponi, or T T, as all the children call her, has created a warm, nurturing, safe, and accepting environment. Theresa and her professional staff, truly care for all the children who attend. Her organization and structure is demonstrated through her monthly calendar activities and well thought out projects. There are many play stations set up to encourage play and stimulate learning with imagination. The outside play area is very spacious with lots of age appropriate options for the children.

Finally and most importantly, was the peace of mind we had upon dropping off our children. Theresa was able to use her calming demeanor to ease the transition of drop off. We always tell each other how lucky we are to have found Little Me Busy Bee.

Craig and Deb Rupprecht

My daughter has been enrolled in Little Me Busy Bee since she was seven months old. Words can not express my gratitude for the love, calmness and special attention she has received everyday. She has learned a lot and has made special friends. I've always had a feeling of safety as the communication lines are always open between myself and Theresa. Thank you TT!

Genevieve Smith

We have been sending our son to Little Me Busy Bee since he was 7 months old. We have watched him grow, both academically and socially. It is a wonderful environment with a loving and nurturing staff.

The Nelson Family

Theresa and Little Me Busy Bee have welcomed my son from the first day. He loves going to "school" and is busy all day with educational activities, crafts, songs, stroller rides and outdoor fun. "TT" is always so reassuring and attentive. She (and her staff) always make sure that all of my son's needs are taken care of. She gives extra love and care and is very affectionate. Theresa sends me daily updates and photos so I know that my son is happy and safe. I am very lucky to have Little Me Busy Bee as a place that I can be confident my child is learning and entertained.

Denise N.

My daughter Savannah was 6 months old when I had to find her a daycare so that I could go to school and work. Of course I had the normal feelings of apprehension and sadness that a lot of moms feel when they are faced with finding someone to care for their children. When I met Theresa I was comforted by her calm, sweet demeanor and loved the homey feeling of the daycare. At the end of my daughters first day there I went to pick her up and saw her having a blast with the other babies and kids. She fit right in and adjusted so well and i can only attribute that to the wonderful girls that work there that obviously have a love for children and probably more patience than me! Over the months I have never had one concern about Savannah going there. She knows where we are when she sees the house and as soon as she sees Miss Theresa her face lights up and she reaches for her, which warms my heart. I couldn't be more thankful that I found Little Me Busy Bee because I had searched for a couple weeks and just didn't like the daycare "center" atmosphere. This just feels like I'm bringing my daughter to her "home away from home." It's a great place, with great people!

Amy Sexton